The Trinity Financial Services Difference

Steve Hennessy at Trinity Financial Services is proud to be one of the 200 select members of financial advisors in the Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisors organization, helping families to safely maximize their retirement savings. Serving the Miami Metro area, Steve also offers families estate planning, tax mitigation expertise and long-term care insurance.


None of us want to think about possibly needing assisted health care when we get older. But avoiding the issue can lead to financial calamities later in life. Long-term care insurance is not for everyone. But checking with an expert to see if it may be a good fit for you is a wise choice. If you live in South Florida, Steve Hennessy of Trinity Financial Services is that expert—he can help you assess all your options.

Retirement Income Planning

With a structured retirement plan, you can eliminate continually wondering about how much money you’ll need to retire and how you will achieve it. If you live in Dade County, Trinity Financial Services can answer your questions and work with you to design a retirement plan that insures monthly income for your future—just like your paychecks did while you were working.

Maximizing Social Security

The assumptions you have about Social Security—such as waiting until maximum retirement age to claim benefits—may not entirely be true. Or, they may just not be the best fit for you and your family. Visiting with an expert on Social Security optimization like Steven Hennessy will help you to feel certain you are not leaving any money on the table when it’s time to claim your benefits.


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